About Us

Gold Orchid Publishing is a publishing company, interested in publishing any of the following genres of fiction:
Romance and Erotica, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Supernatural, Adventure, Action, and Angst (there are additional notes and guidelines for the genres in the Submission Guidelines). We also publish Poetry.
We are happy to publish works in any of the following languages – English, French and German.

We are interested in publishing good novels without making it impossible for authors to keep their individuality!

We are currently looking for new authors and cover artists.

Contact us via the emails listed here.

We will try to reply to all inquiries and questions within a week.
Authors can expect an answer within one to four weeks.

Readers can find news about the books we publish on our website, on our Blog and on our Facebook page, as well as on our Twitter page.

Our Coming Soon section has been recently updated and can be found here.

Our Blog has news from our authors, updates about various things like our webstore, our publishing guidelines and so on. You can find all that here.

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Our motto –

Read Something New Today!

Significant Dates –
  • August 2012 – Founding of Gold Orchid Publishing
  • 17th June 2013 – Opening of our online Store
  • November 2013 – Our first charity event – Scooter’s Month (with the Geminites)
  • 8th June 2014 – Our first books available on Amazon!
  • 17th June 2014 – Our first full year of our Store!
  • November 2014 – Scooter’s Month Presents: Raising Funds For Lawton Humane Society
  • February to May 2015 – Our books are available in print for the first time!