A Guide On Word Count

We allow any word count, provided it is over 500 words.

‘Scene Stories’






Min. 500 to 1000 words


Anything longer than one scene, but under 100 pages (A5)


Anything over 100 pages (A5); the preferred count is 20000 or 30000 words and up

In the context of poetry, please include a minimum of either 20 to 30 short poems* or 5 to 15 long poems** per poetry anthology. The total word count is less relevant than the number of poems in this context.

*A short poem is any poem that is less than an A4 page in length.
** A long poem is any poem that is significantly longer than an A4 page.

Please note that if your manuscript is shorter than 24 pages, we will only offer it in ebook format and will not make it available for print.