Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs to publish with Gold Orchid Publishing?

There are no costs – Gold Orchid Publishing does NOT require the author to pay to be published.
The author is paid from the profits of the sales of their work (40% on ebook formats) and Gold Orchid Publishing takes a percentage from the profits of the sales (50%), the cover artist for the the work is paid the remaining 10%.
You should NEVER have to pay to be published. The ONLY context where you might pay anything is if you are entirely self-publishing!
Otherwise, you are being had! A publisher is paid by the profits, not by the author!

I’ve published my work on a fiction website/social network site/blog. Is that a problem?

Not at all. We will very happily consider your work as long as it has not been published with another publisher (that is, a publishing company). If you have put your work online in any other way, it isn’t a problem at all.
If your work is accepted by us to be published, then you will have to take down your work from those sites so that it is only available via us. The precise details will be available for you in the contract.

My book/anthology is not finished. Can I still submit it?

Yes. All we want to know is how long till you’ll be finished, so that we can have an idea of when we will be able to publish it.
You’ll receive a provisional answer on whether or not we’ll publish your work and we’ll confirm it when we read the finished work.

Are you only publishing Romance/Erotica?

No, that just happens to be the first genre mentioned in the list. The Content Guidelines include Guidelines about Sexuality – this applies to any and every genre published, because sexuality can come into any and every genre. We are interested in all the genres listed here.

Is there a specific theme or topic that Gold Orchid Publishing wants to receive?

No, we’re interested in anything and everything. We’re interested in quality and originality, not in a specific theme or topic.

What kind of fiction do you publish?

Please consult the Content Guidelines to receive the full list of genres we accept. Be advised, however, that we do not, under any circumstances, accept any kind of religious and/or religiously leaning prose or poetry, no matter what religion it represents.

Why is there no phone number listed on the site?

We prefer to conduct all communication by email because it provides a clear written record that can be checked back over at any time. If, for reasons of disability or difficulties with the internet, you can’t use email or have difficulties using it, we can make an exception, however, you will need to contact us via the website or email (ironically) so that we can arrange that.

I’m a minor. Does that pose a problem?

Not at all. We are perfectly happy to publish anyone regardless of their age – age does not determine quality! The only thing that we might recommend is that you check with your country’s rules about minors signing contracts (it may be necessary for your parent(s)/guardian(s) to sign the contract with you – it is your work though, your parent(s)/guardian(s) does NOT own your author rights whatever age you are, and that’s why it’s important that you sign to show your agreement). You will also need to provide us with a way to send you your payments (the best and safest way is a Paypal account).
If your parent(s) or guardian(s) does not want to sign with you, we can still publish you, but will consult legal aid about it; we suggest that you also appeal to the legal aid of your country about the matter.
If everything else goes wrong, we can still just wait till you’re 18 and we’ll publish it on the very day!

How do you pay your authors?

Ideally, we will send your payments on a quarterly basis to your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal, then we can send it to your bank account by a transfer.

Why a Paypal account?

Paypal is the safest and most private way of transfering money between individuals and companies – you do not need to provide us with more than just the email account attached to your Paypal account and you do not need to mention your bank details at any point.
We highly recommend making a Paypal account for us to send your payments to – it’s for free, it’s very simple and you have the complete peace of mind of knowing that your bank details are secure.

How soon will I get an answer if I send you an email?

We will try to reply to all inquiries and questions within a week.
Authors can expect an answer within one to four weeks.
We will send you an email to indicate that we have received your email.
We are a small company and, at times, may take a little longer than promised to answer due to the amount of submissions. If you haven’t heard back from us and are worried, please just send us another email asking about your previous email and your submission.

I have a mix of lengths of poems. How many do I send?

If you send approximately the equivalent of 20 to 30 A5 pages, you should be fine. A bit more or less is not a problem though; we are more interested in the poems than in the number of poems.
We prefer to publish poems in anthologies, rather than as individual poems.

What format do you publish?

We publish e-book format and paperback.
Our ebooks are currently Amazon Exclusive, which means that they are only available in Kindle format.
We are offering paperback versions of all books over 24 pages via Amazon’s print-on-demand service, Createspace.

Are my poems going to be published as part of a multiple author anthology?

No, we feel that it makes more sense to publish an anthology made up of the work of only ONE poet. This means that we can give the author a full percentage of the profits, rather than have to divide it between the different poets within the work.
However, if you wish at any point to discuss this matter and you have people that you wish to work with, we would be more than happy to accommodate this.

If you reject my work, what happens then?

Firstly, if we reject a work, we automatically delete the files; you can rest assured that your rights as an author remain protected whether or not we accept your work.
Secondly, unless we specifically state that we do not wish to receive any manuscripts from you, you can always send us a new manuscript. We suggest that you do bear in mind any advice and reviews attached to our rejection email though, so that you make sure that your new manuscript has the best of chances.

Where will my work be published?

If we accept your work, we will publish it on Amazon predominantly (we are currently working with Amazon’s exclusive program as the best method to promote ebooks as a small publisher); however, the print-on-demand option allows for the work to be available on Createspace, in bookstores, libraries, online retailers and more…

Any further questions should be sent to

Last updated – 19th May 2015