Submission Guidelines

If you are an author aspiring to be published with us, please do make sure to read through all our submission guidelines.
We are currently looking for fiction novels in any of the following genres –
Romance, Erotica, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Supernatural, Adventure, Action, and Angst

Submission Guidelines

Every submission will be read, assessed and a review will be sent, whether your work is accepted or not.

We offer corrections of grammar and language, and while we would prefer the story to be spellchecked and generally finished, we are going to contact you about possible inconsistencies where we feel it’s necessary and have no problem with advising on/fixing any language difficulties if you feel that you require some help, or if we feel that the language is not at an appropriate level and have reached an agreement with you about fixing it.

We have no problem with unfinished works, but will reject the work if the remainder of it does not fit to our guidelines. This would mean that the work would have to be read twice, which is why we strongly advise you to send finished works. With unfinished works, an estimation of how long you may take before the work is complete might be required.

We accept manuscripts in English, French and German.

We do not accept any religious leaning thematics (no matter what the religion). 

Be warned – any author who fails to read through our guidelines and sends us a manuscript that does not comply with them will be blacklisted – this is due to receiving a number of submissions that blatantly disregarded our guidelines and to prevent time wasting. If you are unsure about something in your manuscript, we would prefer you to send us a question and potentially the scene in question to evaluate.

We reserve the right to add to these guidelines as, where and when applicable.

For more detail on:
Genres and Content,
How To Submit A Manuscript,
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