About the Blog

As mentioned in our introductory post,

this blog is dedicated to giving authors and those who are merely curious about us additional information, as well as forming a friendly backstage to our main page.
Here, you will find plenty of information – from quizzes (as advertised on our Facebook page), new book reviews and authors’ comments to useful information on our guidelines, and much, much more.

The blog will feature guest entries by our authors and others, which will be marked at the start of the entry with a note of the author.

Submit a Guest Entry

For anyone who’s interested in sending us an entry or for anyone we’ve contacted about writing a guest entry, here are a couple of pointers that we’d like you to keep in mind…

  • Word Count – roughly 500-1000 words.
  • Keep our guidelines in mind.
  • We will read through your entry before posting it and may ask you to adjust the content if there are any problems.
  • Topics will generally be suggested by us – if you wish to send us a blog entry on a topic related to writing that we haven’t suggested, send us an inquiry via email with the blog entry title. We’ll let you know if we’re interested in it.
  • We are willing to “reblog” an entry that you have previously posted elsewhere if you give us permission to do so; we will, however, need to know where the entry was initially posted so that we can link back to it.

If there is a topic related to publishing, reading or writing that you would like to see us address, just send us an email and we’ll do our best to get it written up. 🙂