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Who are we?

We are a small British e-book publisher. But that’s not all. We might be new and small, and therefore relatively unknown, but we prize ourselves on being a different publisher, and a fair publisher.
What does that mean?
Well, most big publishers will demand authors to either have an agent to have solicited their material or will not want to talk at all. It’s not easy to find a good agent, and both agents and publishers will shamelessly demand authors to change their books according to the agents’/publishers’ wishes, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT INTEND TO AND WILL NOT PUBLISH THEM. The apparent reason? Apparently, they just want to sell your book… yes, the one that’s really no longer yours, because it’s been rewritten that many times by them, and that even if you had a solid base of fans already.
We believe that, considering there are several billion people on the planet, it’s less about your book not being readable… it’s more about us having to do our job and find the readers who will like it. So no excuses – we all have different likes, and there’s bound to be people who will read your book. We may not accept some books and we do have some rules, but we are approachable and open to debate and suggestions.

What do we want?


How To Contact Us About A Job or Volunteering –

Send your CV and your References to our email address –

Please make sure that you attach the files in Word format and clearly indicate which opening you’re applying for.

All applications will be answered within six weeks.