Volunteering With Gold Orchid Publishing

Gold Orchid is looking for volunteers!

Who are we?

We are a small British e-book publisher. But that’s not all. We might be new and small, and therefore relatively unknown, but we prize ourselves on being a different publisher, and a fair publisher.
What does that mean?
Well, most big publishers will demand authors to either have an agent to have solicited their material or will not want to talk at all. It’s not easy to find a good agent, and both agents and publishers will shamelessly demand authors to change their books according to the agents’/publishers’ wishes, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT INTEND TO AND WILL NOT PUBLISH THEM. The apparent reason? Apparently, they just want to sell your book… yes, the one that’s really no longer yours, because it’s been rewritten that many times by them, and that even if you had a solid base of fans already.
We believe that, considering there are several billion people on the planet, it’s less about your book not being readable… it’s more about us having to do our job and find the readers who will like it. So no excuses – we all have different likes, and there’s bound to be people who will read your book. We may not accept some books and we do have some rules, but we are approachable and open to debate and suggestions.

What do we want?

You saw now what it’s like to try to publish. We told you what we are like.
This is where you come in.
We are a small publisher, and we need good people we can trust. At the moment, we cannot offer permanent or well-paid positions, BUT – and this is an important but in these days of heavy competition – we can still offer you a little something for your work.

We are looking (and will be looking in the future, so don’t fret if there isn’t an opening for you specifically yet!) for young people, primarily students (ideally middle or end of their studies) in these niches – IT, business and management, anything and everything advertising (so it doesn’t matter to us if you approached it from social sciences or business, just as long as you have a headful of fresh ideas), and more – for the full list of what we are looking for at the moment, check the end of this ad.

What would you do?

We need your skills to help us with Gold Orchid Publishing as a publisher. We need to maintain fairly constant online presence, not to mention need to update the site, make it look even better than it already does, work on how to get our presence further on the small budget that we have at the moment.

What would we do in return?

Apart from having a discount for as long as you work with us, we will offer you an honest and absolutely glowing reference in the end.
Most workplaces want some kind of practice in future employees. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult not only to get a good, well-paid job, but also the opportunity to gain practical experience. Because we’re a small internet based publisher, we’re less likely to interfere with your student life – i.e., you’re less likely to work yourself silly, and we most certainly won’t mind if you get another job (especially if you need money and it pays well – we’ve all been there and we know what it’s like!) while on our team. And if things get too difficult, you can either tell us and quit, or, if you don’t want to quit, take it easy – just say the word and we’ll find someone to fill your post for the time it takes to get back on track!

What good will come of this?

Hopefully lots. If you’re serious about pursuing your career, any good reference counts, and we promise to give you a good one, just as your work deserves! We’ll be more than happy to help you with your future employer – whether they want to talk to us by phone or otherwise, we’ll do it, just as long as it’s in our power! And think of that – we are hoping to grow with your help. You should be able to bring a nice big portfolio to your job interview – and it just might look even better if you’ve helped us loads!
And of course, there’s this – we are hoping to grow enough in the next two years to actually have a team of our own (not volunteers, but paid crew). Anyone who has already worked with us will be our priority, and unless someone comes along with a far far better CV (sadly, that’s the law, we didn’t write it), you’re likely to get the job with us.

So contact us for further information! We’re really looking forward to meeting you!

I’m not a student, can I still volunteer?

Absolutely. Some positions can be filled by people who simply love books and being sociable (such us being the person/persons responsible for our Twitter feed and some posts – also, look at our Bookworm project! (coming soon!) 🙂 ), insofar as they are willing to follow the instructions given them (like they would with a paid position!). We would also be quite excited to meet ardent bloggers with an interest in books, and anyone who’s possibly looking for a job in a specific realm (such as a computer techie who wouldn’t mind working for us in exchange for a good glowing reference while looking, or a young graduate in advertising who is at a loss of what to do with themselves!).

This is an opportunity not only for those who wish to gain valuable experience, but also for those who have studied something or are in the middle of studying and are now not sure whether they want to pursue it as a career or do they want to take it somewhere else. You’ll see what working like this can be like and that might make you reconsider your choices.

There is just one thing – you cannot expect to fill a position if you do not have the right education, if the position demands it. Also, our priority will be young people and students, but we are willing to listen to your story – maybe you really need to gain experience because you’re a single parent with two kids, have been unemployed for a while and don’t know what to do.

So do contact us regardless! We’ll be happy to hear from you!


As specified above, these are all unpaid positions; for all other details, please contact us directly at jobs@goldorchidpublishing.com.

We may expect an interview. But don’t fret – you don’t need to start saving up for a plane ticket, or even worry about your phone bill, because you’re neither going nor calling anywhere; we interview by Skype. 🙂

We’re looking for –

Facebook Content Assistant (4 wanted)

Twitter Content Assistant (4 wanted)