Facebook Content Assistant

(4 wanted)

 What is necessary:

We are looking for a person who is comfortable with the use of social media and is happy and comfortable to interact, post, schedule and answer questions posted via our Facebook site if necessary. That means you have to have a good and always available internet connection; you will also need to demonstrate your ability to perform the above mentioned skills successfully, so be prepared!

You need to be chatty and outgoing, up to new challenges and happy to work in a team. Like all other team members, we would love for our Facebook content assistants to be capable of working under the pressure of deadlines, be communicative and happy to share new ideas, and also to take care of themselves – sometimes, people troll. If trolling gets you down easily, you may want to reconsider – while we are always there for you, and while there is support available to Gold Orchid Publishing team free of charge, it is still best if you never need it… it’s horrible to get hurt by some people’s nasty comments!

You will also be required to be familiar or to familiarise yourself with licensing – Gold Orchid Publishing uses material in their posts that may not be free, so if you’re the one having to collect and post the pictures for the status updates, make sure you know what you are doing, because we are very serious about copyrights!

While anyone can apply for this job (in theory), we are preferably looking for these profiles :

  • A student / graduate in sociology or any similar social studies (anthropology, psychology etc. all count)
  • A computer science student /graduate
  • A student /graduate in advertising, business or marketing

We will consider all applicants who have passed their first year of studies successfully. Four individuals will then be chosen on the basis of their CVs and potentially an interview. Please contact us for the rest of the information.

If you are not a student but have had plenty of experience with the above, or if you have finished a while ago and are desperately looking for a job, or you are just bored and need a challenge, do still contact us. All we need is a University degree, your CV and a proof that you can do what we want from you… and, if your degree is very unusual in regards to the job, tell us why you think you would be perfect for this job! We will honestly consider you.

Reference: You will be expected to provide a reference from no less than three individuals (post that with your CV). We require the full name, occupation, telephone number and email of the referents. But, unlike most employers, we are happy to hear from your friends and even family. A lot of people work for their parents for at least a while, and if you cannot make friends who would give an honest appraisal of your skills, chances are you’re not going to fit in at work, where, we hope, you will make many more. So if you ask your best buddy growing up to give you a good character report, we don’t care! 🙂

Date Posted – 04 February 2014
Status – OPEN