The Pirate’s Trilogy

Introducing Gold Orchid’s erotic imprint, Dark Orchid Press, The Pirate’s Trilogy by Rose Raven includes:

The Pirate’s Lover

The fierce captain of The Red Lady, Elizabeth Grey, known as Crimson Beth, has a secret… a weakness for someone she would have never considered…

The Pirate’s Captive

The Red Lady, captained by Crimson Beth, captures a ship carrying a young French noblewoman, whom she intends to hold for ransom. But the matters get complicated for her and Marianne de la Crois…

The Pirate’s Choices

Beth and Marianne have been living a life of plunder and wild revelry for the past four years. But what happens when a man comes between them, a man that they both want to have?

Cover Copyright © K. Robertson

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