Falling On Red

By Emily Shankle

(Genre – Science Fiction Romance)

“Sar was chosen by the Adolon on her second birthday to be trained into the perfect super soldier. After years of training, she is the perfect soldier in the empire’s battle against the alien Klogan, until the crown prince is assigned to her base and she is assigned to protect him. With a new mission and a potential assassin, Sar has to decide if she can afford to follow her heart or if the only way to truly follow her orders is to become as cold as the rumors always describe the Adolon.”

Cover Copyright © Katherine Robertson & H. Ravenholm

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Emily Shankle was born and raised in Kennewick, Washington, famous for Lewis and Clark and helping make plutonium during World War Two. She is currently attending the University of Massachusetts and is convinced she was born on the wrong coast, and plans to live on the East Coast after graduating with her Masters in Special Education. Her greatest literary influences are Frank Herbert’s Dune, Anne McCaffery’s Dragon Riders of Pern series, and Shakespeare’s plays.

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Falling On Red is Emily Shankle’s second novel with Gold Orchid Publishing.
Her first novel is The Raven’s Wing.