The Colonel’s Captive

By Rose Raven

(Genre – Historical Romance)

“At first glance, she was a perfect southern belle – beautiful, rich and vacuous. Due to be married to a man whom she knew when they were both children, but has not seen in many years, she is suddenly faced with the states seceding – and her future husband going to war.

Spurred on by a whim, she disguises herself as a young man and follows him, only to suddenly find herself at a head of a small cavalry troop when the need arises. For a while, everything runs smoothly, but then, fate intervenes.

Taking refuge with her group in an old homestead, abandoned by the people who owned it, she faces the one man who could reveal her secret. He is an enemy, twice so, because he, born and bred in the South, decided to ride with the Yanks.

Also finding refuge in the same homestead, Colonel Jason Devoe strikes a strange truce instead of risking a desperate fight, but his eyes see through her disguise and pretty soon, her secret is his.

And now, she is at mercy of the man she has the reason to trust least and fear most.”

Cover Copyright © K. Robertson (using stock image courtesy of creativedoxfoto (

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