The Prince Of Werewolves

By Francesca De Maere

(Genre – Historical/Supernatural/Fantasy/Romance)

Florence, Renaissance.
A bitter struggle between the Vampires, Werewolves and Elves could erupt at any minute and ruin crucial negotiations that should keep the world from tumbling into darkness.
After a human is killed, Ashtan, the Prince of Werewolves, finds himself certain that someone is trying to deliberately ruin the negotiations, and if he wants to clear his name and thwart the unknown enemy, he must find the killer and figure out how and why the murder was committed.
But when Diana Crivelli, a beautiful daughter of a Venetian merchant, suddenly enters his life, Ashtan realises that he has more to fight for than ever before, and that he could lose everything, even if he manages to catch the killer.

Cover Copyright © Katherine Robertson

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