The Raven’s Wing

By Emily Shankle
(Genre – Fantasy)

“Malaya is the Raven, an elflike Frey with all black wings. Her people believe she is cursed and will bring back the Great Evil that originally sent her people underground. Born in the first time since the first Frey when there has been both a Raven and a Dove, the Frey isolate Malaya. Determined to find a home where she is accepted, black wings and all, she leaves her people’s caves for the Elves’ forest city only to find that the Great Evil has returned to the surface of her world. In order to save her new friends and home Malaya may have to sacrifice more than she ever expected.”

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin (using stock images by mocking-turtle-stock ( and Claire Jones (

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Emily Shankle was born and raised in Kennewick, Washington, famous for Lewis and Clark and helping make plutonium during World War Two. She is currently attending the University of Massachusetts and is convinced she was born on the wrong coast, and plans to live on the East Coast after graduating with her Masters in Special Education. Her greatest literary influences are Frank Herbert’s Dune, Anne McCaffery’s Dragon Riders of Pern series, and Shakespeare’s plays.

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