Carpe Noctem

By Aisha Baranowska

(Third Book in the Poetry Series)
(Genre – Poetry)

“The entire story of my life from the childhood, through the traumatic youth, into the present, locked in a single epic poem composed of four parts, and followed by two other lyrical poems of medium length, one of which being an attempt to explain my interest in the darker side of existence, while the other is a poetical epitaph on my grave and it is kept entirely in this convention.
Aisha Baranowska; Luton, 12th of September 2013.”

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin

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“I was born on 1st of April 1988 in Cracow, Poland. I graduated from Milton Keynes College with a certificate in Travel and Tourism in 2009. I write poetry in several languages, for languages and poetry are my two most pursued interests. I sometimes translate my own poems. My poetical output consists of Romanticism, existentialism and personal perception of reality, skilfully dressed up in my ornate and a bit archaic writing style which is what makes my works somehow original and unusual in modern world. I have always had a passion for history and that passion is reflected in my language, my choice of music, art, fashions etc. – generally everything that has anything to do with a slightly outdated aesthetics. Gothic ”Dark Romanticism” is also one of the factors that I consider my poetical inspiration. I believe poetry should be lyrical and so, I write it while listening to music which makes my verses sound so musical. I strive to achieve poetical excellence and I am always looking to improve my literary workshop.”
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