Into The Outer World

By Sophie Enlil
(Genre – Poetry)

“Experience the beauty of nature, the spectrum of human emotions and the realms of the imagination. “All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”, Wordsworth wrote, and this ethos permeates my work. There are universal truths which exist throughout time and space. Some of my poetry comes from my life experiences, some is science fiction, and some is imagined scenarios. Each poem is a micro story that will take you into a new world, whether of imagination or experience or the wonders of nature.”

Cover Copyright © David-Elliot Mumford

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Sophie Enlil has been writing poetry for some years. She has an MA in Creative Writing and a BA in Classics and Philosophy. She has travelled widely to places such as Latin America, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Egypt; and speaks Spanish, Korean, and some Mandarin Chinese. She has drawn poetic inspiration from beautiful places she has visited. Her interests include astronomy, science fiction, learning languages, etymology, walking, ancient history, creative cooking, wine and real ales.

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