Poetry Book I

By Aisha Baranowska

(First Book in the Poetry Series)
(Genre – Poetry) 

“First book of poetry by Aisha Baranowska is a deep introspection of an individualist misunderstood, mocked and even hated by the world for being different – thinking and feeling in their own, unique manner, and perceiving reality in a non-conformist fashion, clearly distinguishing between what life is and what we wish it to be – as well as daring to express opinions that are usually unwelcome by others.
It is a journey from a state near to despair and a sense of an inevitable doom, to recovery of hope, strength and courage that are necessary to face the ruthless destiny.
That same hope, inner strength and courage, and wisdom, that are always present in a true Byronic hero’s personality, subconsciously, even when it seems like they have lost all interest in life.

We also have a personification of the Internet here as an introvert’s best friend whose death would be perhaps the greatest of loss to someone who lives their entire life online and who therefore does not exist otherwise.
We have daily sorrow, feelings of failure accompanied by healthy dose of self-esteem even in the toughest of times.
Poverty, disease, solitude and oblivion, cold winter and bitter tears – all together is an image of a human being who while struggling for their survival, remains aware of who they are at all times, preserving their dark identity.”

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin (using stock image by riktorsashen (DeviantArt.com))

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“I was born on 1st of April 1988 in Cracow, Poland. I graduated from Milton Keynes College with a certificate in Travel and Tourism in 2009. I write poetry in several languages, for languages and poetry are my two most pursued interests. I sometimes translate my own poems. My poetical output consists of Romanticism, existentialism and personal perception of reality, skilfully dressed up in my ornate and a bit archaic writing style which is what makes my works somehow original and unusual in modern world. I have always had a passion for history and that passion is reflected in my language, my choice of music, art, fashions etc. – generally everything that has anything to do with a slightly outdated aesthetics. Gothic ”Dark Romanticism” is also one of the factors that I consider my poetical inspiration. I believe poetry should be lyrical and so, I write it while listening to music which makes my verses sound so musical. I strive to achieve poetical excellence and I am always looking to improve my literary workshop.”
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