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Times Apart
By Brooke Holme
(Genre – Modern Romance)
“Dr. Marina Cox is an archaeologist digging in the East, on the border between Palestine and Syria.
Her work has been aimed an uncovering as much of a medieval castle fort of the long gone Knights Templar as possible…
But when a time slide occurs, for just a few hours, she’s landed with a wounded man whose language she barely speaks, whose time she does not understand and who does not belong to the time she lives in… no matter how much she might be interested to learn more about him.”

Cover Copyright © K. Robertson (using stock image courtesy of papaija2008 (FreeDigitalPhotos.net))

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The Raven’s Wing
By Emily Shankle
(Genre – Fantasy)

“Malaya is the Raven, an elflike Frey with all black wings. Her people believe she is cursed and will bring back the Great Evil that originally sent her people underground. Born in the first time since the first Frey when there has been both a Raven and a Dove, the Frey isolate Malaya. Determined to find a home where she is accepted, black wings and all, she leaves her people’s caves for the Elves’ forest city only to find that the Great Evil has returned to the surface of her world. In order to save her new friends and home Malaya may have to sacrifice more than she ever expected.”

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin (using stock images by mocking-turtle-stock (DeviantArt.com) and Claire Jones (tasastock.deviantart.com))

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Poetry Book I
By Aisha Baranowska

(First Book in the Poetry Series)
(Genre – Poetry) 

“First book of poetry by Aisha Baranowska is a deep introspection of an individualist misunderstood, mocked and even hated by the world for being different – thinking and feeling in their own, unique manner, and perceiving reality in a non-conformist fashion, clearly distinguishing between what life is and what we wish it to be – as well as daring to express opinions that are usually unwelcome by others.
It is a journey from a state near to despair and a sense of an inevitable doom, to recovery of hope, strength and courage that are necessary to face the ruthless destiny.
That same hope, inner strength and courage, and wisdom, that are always present in a true Byronic hero’s personality, subconsciously, even when it seems like they have lost all interest in life.

We also have a personification of the Internet here as an introvert’s best friend whose death would be perhaps the greatest of loss to someone who lives their entire life online and who therefore does not exist otherwise.
We have daily sorrow, feelings of failure accompanied by healthy dose of self-esteem even in the toughest of times.
Poverty, disease, solitude and oblivion, cold winter and bitter tears – all together is an image of a human being who while struggling for their survival, remains aware of who they are at all times, preserving their dark identity.”

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin (using stock image by riktorsashen (DeviantArt.com))

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The Trust
By Soraya Ross

(Genre – Crime/Mystery/Thriller)

“At first, there seems to be absolutely no connection between a murder of several security guards and an attempt on the life of one of the world’s richest, most desired actors, James Cliffton.

To protect him, his agent hires a bodyguard, no matter how much Cliffton protests.

Chris Montcalme and him are not at all friends when they meet… but they soon have to become friends and allies, as they begin to discover a surprising truth behind the two events…”

Cover Copyright © K. Robertson

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Just Us
By Martin Hopwood

(Genre – Poetry)

“The romance of love and nature intermingle in this anthology to paint the beauty of life and relationships. The long passage of time and its effect on enduring love, the universe and nature explored through the brush-strokes of the poet’s words…”

Cover Copyright © Helidth Ravenholm (using Gimp brushes created by ObsidianDawn (www.obsidiandawn.com), Sunira (http://sunira.deviantart.com), Keren-R (http://keren-r.deviantart.com) and MyLstBlkRose (http://mylastblkrose.deviantart.com))

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