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Book Review – “Words of Sorrow and Joy” by Christopher Allen

A great poet manages to evoke universal truths through his work. In Words of Sorrow and Joy, Christopher Allen does just this. Through his poetry, Allen takes us on a pensive and wistful journey through the peaks and valleys of life. To read his work is to delve into the manifold emotions of daily life — both the …

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Book Review – “Into the Outer World” by Sophie Enlil

Do you love visiting new and exciting places? Are you a fan of poetry? If so, you’ll certainly enjoy reading Into the Outer World by Sophie Enlil! Like the title suggests, Into the Outer World transports its readers to Mars and beyond. Through Enlil’s poetry, readers can explore distant space civilizations as well as African, Asian, and South American …


Why The Submission Email?

Every publisher that allows unsolicited submissions will provide the prospective author with a list of what they want in the submission letter/email… And so do we… But why do we ask for the particular details in our How To Submit section?


Where’s The Store? (Obsolete)

(Post is currently obsolete – 14/03/2017) Many of you are probably wondering where you can buy the eBooks that Gold Orchid Publishing is going to publish…